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However, for hospitals with paid agreements, the influential variables were the effectiveness of treatments, uncertainty about treatment effectiveness, adverse effects and toxicity, and relative safety compared to existing treatment, as perceived by about 90% of responders. Toumi M. ZardJ, Duvillard R, Jonmi C. Innovative drugs and market access agreements. Pharmaceutical records. 2013;71(5):302–25. Regarding the formality of the agreements, 28% of participants said they only used a written document, while 4% said they had only been agreed orally; A combination of the two forms was used by 68% of the responders. Garattini L, Casadei G. Risk-sharing agreements: what are the lessons of Italy? Int J Technol Review of Health Care. 2011;27 (2):169-72. Kanavos P, Ferrario A, Tafuri G, Siviero P.

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