In 2013, the IATA Ground Support Council authorized the use of yellow pages for the publication of pages of text amending Appendix B in the years between the new versions of the SGHA. SGHA 2018 Appendix B has now fully added the yellow pages to paragraph 8. In the future, this will provide some flexibility in the basic model. The new clause 3.3 of SGHA 2018 prohibits self-help if an institution has already outsourced it under the SGHA. In Europe, for example, the 1996 European Directive on Stopover Assistance (96/67/EC) opened up the market for stopover assistance to competition and maintained the general freedom of the airline to self-manage at an airport. Check out the latest updates to the IATA SGHA 2018 model and the new Service Level Agreement (SLA) model. This advanced course covers the main elements of SGHA 2018 and provides an overview of concepts and structure at the company level. Learn how to use the latest tools to improve collaboration and safeguard business interest by combining Schedule B and AHM803 ALS models. SGHA 2018 has highlighted broader audit rights under Clause 5.9 to allow other carriers within an IATA audit pool to review the handling company in favour of this pool. Currently, there are 37 airlines within the ISAGO Audit Pool, which can benefit from joint audit reports for the same handler at a given airport. Data protection has been added to the compliance checklist under Article 1.1 of SGHA 2018. The effect of this amendment is likely to raise data protection to the level of anti-corruption, competition and child labour prohibitions.

In addition, it is also useful not to overburden the SGHA with data protection legislation. SGHA 2018 does not deal entirely with data protection, although the definition of eTickets tickets has been expanded. The initial clause 5.10 of SGHA 2013, which states that “contracting parties agree to comply with all applicable data protection laws when providing services,” has been removed. This new clause will protect assistance companies if an airline attempts to circumvent an unfavourable contract and merely include its requirements “in the source.” A carrier`s insolvency can also have greater consequences. The British CAA suspended Monarch Airlines` AOC when it went bankrupt in October 2017 and forced it to cease operations with immediate effect. They no longer needed stopover assistance services. In addition, in accordance with item 11.11, all amended taxes must be accessed within the first 30 days before the changes come into effect within 60 days of notification. Article 11.13 allows for accommodations in the event of binding minimum wage laws. It recognizes the reality that minimum wage laws will continue to have a significant impact on the basis of a handler`s employment costs. For more information, please contact the authors of this briefing: Price Inform about the types of members, discounts, DNA prices and taxes as well as accepted payment methods Also, what is the situation in case of total loss of freight? Section 31.2 of the MC99 does not provide an initial time limit for lost citation claims, although a right to compensation expires if the proceedings are not initiated within two years (Article 35). However, the continuation of the original 5.10 clause might have been sensible, given the stricter data protection rules (for example.

B RGPD in the EU), increased public awareness, data protection campaigns and activism. IATA has explicitly identified its resolutions and standard practices as benchmarks for the provision of services to businesses and has written them down in the new paragraphs 5.3 (a) and (b). The travel document verification provisions in Schedule A, Section 2.2.3, appear to be more balanced insofar as service providers are required to share the risk of fines for immigration violations. This issue could be important, especially when some countries have adop