Here we would like to draw your attention to the EKCPI table in SAP. As we know, it is mainly used with the SAP MM-PUR component (purchase in MM) which is covered by the MM module (material management). The EKCPI is a transparent SAP reference table used to store data related to the contract commitment plan for the purchase information on items in SAP. It is covered by the ME package. The corresponding order number and its relationship to the corresponding framework agreement (specifically the contractual position, including the voucher number and the proof post) are documented. We can now see how four command positions relate to our contractual position, but only one has resulted in a sharing order – the first three items have the L deletion mark as an attribute. From a risk point of view, the issue of framework agreements offers a number of fascinating starting points to consider, including: as I have already said, I will now look at the contracts for the release of framework agreements. First, I will briefly explain how they are looking for sap® before moving on to the data situation. In detail, this includes logging sharing operations at the table level. The category of supporting documents makes it possible to distinguish the different types of purchase cartons (z.B. order, delivery plan, contract). Details of how the EKEK and EKEH tables relate to the EKek and EKEH tables, as well as the PRPS project structure plan table.

EKKO – Purchasing Manager EKPO – Purchase Reference Article EKKN – Checks in the purchase book EKES – EKAB Supplier Confirmations – EKBZ Documentation Publications – History per Purchase Part: EKBE Delivery Charge – History per EKEK Purchase Piece – Head Data for Release EKEH Appointment – Appointment Release Documentation EKET – Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines T160T – Description of RESB Selection Settings – Reservations /PRPS Dependent Requirements – PSP (Project Structure Plan) Element Basic Data Table EKAB is a good starting point for our sharing missions. It is also interesting to note that in addition to the location in a separate table, lists of contract-sharing mandates can be generated as part of data analysis on the original control boards (see EKKO/EKPO in the first blog post). The EKPO table (command positions). B also shows the KONNR and KTPNR fields (contract number and contract position). With regard to order positions relating to a contract (specifically a contractual position), they contain the contract number and the corresponding contract item values. EKCPH SAP Table for – Purchase Contract Commitment Plan Header Information Below, you`ll find a list of SAP database tables related to the order, the data they store and how they are linked. Also click on the table name to get all the details of the fields, including the key of the table along with other information such as control tables, text tables… A share order is an order (or order request from which an order is generated) with a reference to a framework agreement.