“delay event,” one of the events referred to in paragraph 12.7 “Goods”; equipment, accessories, furniture and fittings, according to Roomservice`s furniture offer, including all replacement and renewal mentions, as well as all accessories and supplements, the person`s “tenant,” the company that hires the goods designated as “customer” in the “minimum period” furniture offer, the minimum period for which the tenant will pay the rental fee; as stated in the “property” offer and rental file, the premises in which the goods are installed, as stated in the “Lease” furnishing offer, the document in which the conditions of each individual installation “Roomservice” CORT BUSINESS SERVICES UK LIMITED of 28 bars Business Park LIMITED of 28 Barwell Business Park limited of 28 Barwell Business Park , Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2NY trading as Roomservice by CORT Where the Hirer wants to increase the number of people participating in the function and if the owner agrees in writing to such a change to the lease, the rental fee will be increased from time to time at the standard owner rates for renting additional rooms (depending on availability) and providing services with respect to the number of additional people. 3.2 Rooms can only be rented part-time within one month of the date of the event. 7.6 It is the tenant`s responsibility to inform Roomservice if, at any time, the furniture is not required either within the minimum rental period or after the minimum tenancy period and is ready to be removed. 13 COVID-19 Both sides acknowledge the continuing crisis of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom and accept a commitment to comply with all official GUIDELINEs of the British Government. The parties undertake to immediately disclose any problems they have in fulfilling their obligations under this agreement. The Tenant recognizes that COVID-19 may require the landlord to take one or more of the following measures regarding the safety of its staff and the safety of the participants in the event to which this booking relates: 11.1 The goods remain the property of roomservice and the tenant has no other rights to the goods as a tenant at any time and the tenant cannot do or authorize a business or anything that could infringe Roomservice`s rights with respect to the goods. 14.1 We collect information, including your personal data or the personal data of others, to provide you with our services. We also use this data to manage our business, for forecasting and financial planning purposes, and to identify other services that may be of interest to you. This data is also used to manage future communications between us. If you have given your consent or where it is in our mutual interest, your data will be used to provide you with more information about our more comprehensive products and services. You can cancel receiving these messages by sending an email to “privacy@roomservicebycort.com.

If the tenant wishes to increase the number of rooms he must use and the landlord agrees in writing such a change to the tenancy agreement, the rental fee is increased from time to time at the standard prices of the landlord for the rental of the additional number of rooms required by the tenant.